One thing a person should always remember when searching for an Alaskan Klee Kai or any breed of animal is to ALWAYS CONDUCT RESEARCH ON THE BREEDER YOU ARE SEEKING TO ADOPT FROM! Please never be afraid to ask questions about the breeders set-up, a contract, etc. For example ask the breeder these questions:

Was the AKK raised in a kennel run or inside the house with the breeders?

Can I see the contract before we meet?

Can I see a copy of the registration paper of the parents before I adopt?

Has this AKK been DNA tested if you have more than one male on your premises?

Please know there are at least 5 breeders that the breeders at Alakkawa Kennels are aware of who are either unethical or have scammed people. They have done one or more of the following:

1. Allowed a family to adopt an AKK from them and NEVER release the puppy registration paper to the family - even after 5 years of asking, pleading and begging.

2. Allowed a family to adopt an AKK where the parents of the litter were not even registered and therefore, the breeder states, Oh I cannot find the paperwork, or my sister will not release the papers to me because I owe her money.

3. Cross breeding an AKK with a different breed of dog altogether, yet placing an ad for the dog on their own website that it is a purebred AKK and further asking top dollar for that mixed AKK.

4. Falsifying registration papers to get a litter registered.

5. Not DNA testing their pups even though they have over 2 studs on their premises.

6. Going against the contract of the initial breeder who started them out as a breeder.

7. Not having a contract with puppy buyers.

8. Ignoring a contract from a breeder and going off on their own to breed an AKK without health testing it beforehand.

9. Getting sued for fraud, but then claiming they were never sued.

10. Receiving a puppy from a breeder and that puppy is sick (has Parvo or another illness) and the breeder will not answer reply to phone calls or email messages from the new owners. And, spending hundreds, if not thousands to treat their AKK and then there is absolutely no follow up from breeder.

11. Not having a contract with another breeder at all.


PLEASE Do YOUR research on an AKK breeder. 



MIXED AKK and AKK that are registered with the United Kennel Club (UKC) or with the American Rare Breed Association (ARBA)

You may visit the below link to learn more.


The breeders at Alakkawa Kennels are firm believers in conducting research on anything. Whether it is research on a new location you are moving to, the purchase of a car, and yes, even a pet. There have been a few people in the animal world who steal pictures off websites of breeders who breed the AKK.

These scammers list the AKK as available in puppy ads or on bogus websites and ask for much less to adopt an AKK. If you respond to these scams by asking questions, they will not have an updated photograph of the puppy unless they steal it off another site of the original breeder. Some breeders are not aware that scammers are stealing their photographs and trying to sell their AKK. SO, CHECK THE AD BEFORE YOU SEND ANY MONEY!!

Always ask the so called breeder to take a photograph of the posted puppy and place a sheet of paper in front of the puppy showing that day's date.

Also, scammers are now creating ads through http://www.puppyfinder.com/ and trying to use respected breeders websites to create the ad. The puppy ad websites are becoming more and more aware of this activity and will now contact the person listed as a contact on the website to verify if the ad was created by them.


"Due to the high number of scams going on, we developed a scam filter to filter all inquiries made to breeders who advertise at TerrificPets.com. We have posted a list of emails and scam type information caught by our new system. You can visit http://www.pupcity.com/ to see the list of email accounts created on yahoo, hotmail and even gmail since all these are free email set-up sites.

Some of the emails may not look like scams, but they all lead to the same thing. The scammer will pay by check (cashier's check/money order) for more than the pet is worth, then they will ask you to send them back the difference in money. A couple weeks later you find out the check was fake and the bank will take it out of your account. This scam can be set up several ways.

Some key points for discovering a scammer:
1. Doesn't care much about the pet, just the financial transaction.
2. Says they will use their own shipper.
3. 95% of the scammers are from overseas (Nigeria, Israel, South Africa, etc.)
4. Pays you more than the pet is worth, then asks for the difference in money back.


If you are still unsure if an ad is a scam, email the person asking them to take a photo of the puppy with today's newspaper beside the puppy. A responsible breeder will oblige this request and then you are hopefully assured the ad is not a scam and the puppy is real.

Also, there are those who have adopted an AKK from reputable AKK breeders. These people are using AKK babies in their breeding program and cross breeding them to create their own line of animal. This is certainly a catastrophe to the breed! Any persons who have adopted an AKK from the Alakkawa line, to the breeder's knowledge have NOT used any AKK from the breeders as all of the breeders AKK are sold on "PET ONLY" contracts. Most AKK breeders have or should have verbiage in their contracts that if breeding is allowed, the AKK can ONLY be bred to another AKK. The Alakkwa contracts will stand up in court since they have been looked over by an attorney several times.

Those people who have adopted an AKK and are cross breeding to another animal other than an AKK are in breach of their contract; they have not obtained the proper paperwork and required testing from their vet in order for the AKK to even be placed in the gene pool with another AKK.

The AKK is a purebred; registered with the United Kennel Club (UKC), and the American Rare Breed Association (ARBA). Breeders register their kennel with the Alaskan Klee Kai Association of America (AKKAOA). The AKK is NOT registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) or any other club other than the ones listed above. Therefore, the Alakkawa breeders advice to anyone searching for an AKK is to do your research on all breeders, make sure you are not pursuing a cross bred AKK. And MAKE CERTAIN a breeder does not have several other AKK that they could possibly be breeding their AKK to; trying to sell you a mixed AKK, but stating it is an AKK.

If you are considering adopting an AKK, please do not get scammed and please do your research on the breeder. Check out this website to be safe. http://www.alaskankleekaiscam.com/

Check out AKKAOA's website for a list of reputable breeders: http://www.akkaoa.org/














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