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All of our puppies are licking the faces of their new mommy's and daddy's by now. Our house is quiet; no more little pitter patter on the floor, no more pining at me to be held, no more preparing meals or cleaning bedding for them to rest after a hard day of play.

No more...? No more...? Wait a second...There is MORE!!! There is so much MORE!!!

 It is the beginning of new friendships where each person who has adopted from us becomes a member of our family. I have made lasting friendships with many of the people who have adopted a puppy from us.

I can't wait to watch these little angels grow up into beautiful Alaskan Klee Kai through photographs and videos the family's will send us.

I prayed to God to send us the perfect family for each puppy and He did. God is good!

I realized some time ago that I help bring so much happiness and love to new family members of ours. If the joy in the faces of each person who has ever adopted a puppy from us could be wrapped up, shared with the world, and disbursed throughout the year, I would do it over and over again just as I have done for several years now.

People often ask me how can I raise our sweet angels only to let them go. Believe me, I shed several tears when they leave. I often find myself crying at moments when it is the quietest because I miss their squeals when they hear my voice and I miss their sweet kisses...but knowing how much I trust my new family makes it all worth it - to bring joy to their lives with our precious babies.

Thank you to each person who has ever adopted from us over the years and I pray you are still finding joy, happiness and giggles from the silly antics of your precious Alaskan Klee Kai. It has been an honor having you in my family, working with each of you and giving you a small piece of my heart. Be sure to give your sweet AKK babies a hug and kiss from me and from T.A.G. - the Alakkawa Gang.



Prepping for newborn puppies should not be an arduous task especially when you have done it a few times like my husband, Jeffrey and I have.

We have everything prepared ahead of time in case we need any of it and most is in baggies until moments before Abby delivers her first puppy.

Scissors are to cut the umbilical cord because Abby has been known to chew it off too close.

Hemostats to clamp to the cord.

Dental floss to tie around the cord.

Scale to weigh each pup after Abby cleans it up.

Notepad to record weights.

Suction tubes to clear out any mucus that may be trapped in the nasal cavity or mouth.

Gloves for delivery.

Light to see better.

KY Jelly in case a puppy needs help with lubrication.

Clean cloths to help dry the puppy off.

Phone to call emergency vet if necessary.

October 27, 2013 at 8:58 a.m. still no puppies.

Abby was so small this go ‘round that we actually thought she may only have two puppies. We had an ultrasound a few weeks prior to her delivering this litter and the vet could only hear two separate heartbeats; however, she actually delivered three and we were all so very happy!

October 28, 2013, Abby had three beautiful little girls.


Photo courtesy of Kai's owners.


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