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WELCOME to the World of the Alaskan Klee Kai at Alakkawa Kennels of Georgia

Please visit the pages on this website to educate yourself and research this breed even beyond Alakkawa Kennels website. Also, please know this breed is not for everyone.

Be aware of breeders out there who have gone against their contracts and are breeding the AKK with a Shiba Inu.

Some photographs on the main page of this website are puppies that the breeders have bred and owners have followed the breeders requests in sending updated photographs as per the breeders contracts.

Thank you to each family who has adopted from Alakkawa Kennels and thank you for giving our AKK a loving home!

Warm regards,
Breeders: MaryAnne and Jeffrey

Guestbook for Alakkawa Kennels
You guys look like a beautiful family. I have always wanted am akk but at this point my husband and I can't afford it... Hopefully in the near future we will and I hand no doubt I will try to go through you guys. You guys look like wonderful caretakers to your dogs and especially Shane, your son :-) thanks for helping me learn more about the breed and reading your story! :-)
Birmingham, AL.